TechnoPlus hospital bed has a 2 rectangular columns elevation system to improve stability and durability. The backrest mattress platform is X-ray transparent with the option to include an X-ray cassette holder.

The use of columns also reduces the possibilities of infections because of the beds easy cleaning as the number of structure pieces has been reduced.

The TechnoPlus bed has the option to integrate a weighing system to facilitate the monitoring and control of the patient’s condition.

Linear actuators with IP66 protection.
HPL hand removable bed bases divided in 4 sections.
Extensible bed base, up to 30 cm.
4 protection cylinders in each corner.
Polypropylene made side rails with grip zone and folding system by gas spring.
Double regression system, it reduces the pressure in the thorax area, minimizing the pressure ulcers risk (UPP’s).
The battery has the function to allow us to use all the beds characteristics even when there is not a power socket near.
Centralized braking system by a braking bar located in the footboard area.
It has an easy to remove headboard and footboard with blockage system.

Country of origin: SPAIN